Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Who I am and how I came to be!

My name is Elizabeth.
I am a 32 year old mom of 2 and a wife of 1!
I am an outgoing, opinionated woman with lots on her mind...hence the attempt at being hip and writing this blog!

There is so much going through my many things I want to talk many things I want to say and share but let's start at the basics!

In 1982, I was born! I blessed this earth with my presence and it has never been the same! Ha! I was born and raised in San Diego County. My parents divorced when I was only a few months old so I never knew a complete family! I had an amazing childhood thanks to the hard work of my mother and 2 AMAZING grandparents! I have 2 sisters...thanks to my Dad and my step-mom...a blessing that none of us really appreciated until we got old and wise! I had issues in regards to my Dad and that relationship (more to come in a future post) so I acted out....a lot! Middle school and high school were not the best of years! I acted out, I got in trouble, I skipped school and I failed myself by not giving my full effort to my studies! I could have easily been valedictorian but, instead, I was lucky I graduated!  Oh yeah...I'll fill you in on a big secret the NO ONE knew....I was 5.5 months pregnant when I graduated...GASP!!!!! Yep, I am THAT girl!

So...3.5 months later, my then boyfriend and I welcomed our son into this thought I changed the one was ready for him! We named him Josh and he is amazing! Seriously (will go into him more at a later time)!!! Oh, so that boyfriend, I kinda liked him so we decided to get of the best decisions I have ever made! I tell him everyday....yep we are STILL married after 13+ years...that I keep around for his paycheck but I truly love the man to the moon and back! We have been through so much in the 16+ years we've been together that if the past didn't break us apart...NOTHING will!

Anyhow, we thought life was finally starting to calm down, the hubs (his name is Nick) was going back to work after a devastating work injury and we started to prepare for life with a teenager and plan for our future! had other plans! We had tried to get pregnant for years...I'm talking 10 years mind you...and it didn't work! We finally decided to give up the hope for another and schedule Nick for his little boys to be snipped! Ha...nature gave us a big SURPRISE...I found out I was 9 weeks pregnant 3 days after scheduling his procedure! This was a complete shock but we were so excited!!! Anyhow, our daughter...Abigail...was born 7 months later! Josh and Abby are 12 years apart but couldn't be closer! They are so attached and love each other so very much...nothing will ever break their bond!

So...there's my story in a nutshell! Trust me...there is SOOOOOO much more and I will be letting you in slowly but surely! I am the caretaker, the support system, the shoulder to cry on for my friends and I have realized lately that I actually have a wall up! I don't "spill my guts" to many! I don't rely on anyone to give me support in my time of need because I am too busy worry about my friends and family! I hope that this blog will help me release the millions of things that run through my brain on a daily basis and maybe help others realize that they are in the same boat! Oh...and let's not forget...I am also writing this blog to give you my opinions on things! I have NEVER had a problem doing so and this blog will be no exception!!!


  1. Love it! Can't wait to see what you have in store! Love ya!

    1. Thanks hun!!! You know you are the driving force behind's your fault! ;) I'm excited about doing this!